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A innovative knowledge of creative balões personalizados in Brazil!

Só Balões provides a new concept of infláveis promocionais, bringing quick and creative solutions to any sort of event. Inflatable media ensures great vision in an efficient, impactant and practical way, in the internal and external environment, resulting in a fast and effective return to the consumer.
The business offers a wide variety of product options, from totens and promotional tents to piscina inflável and costumes, to fulfill all the expectations the client feeds. To keep the customer safe and satisfied, costs are based on market values and our service is trained to fill any doubts the customer may have.
Having a qualified team and full knowledge in the concept of inflatables, Só Balões serves several market sectors, like Advertising and Marketing Agencies, Event Agencies, Financial Institutions, Fairs and Conferences, etc, always focused on the quality of the customer satisfaction, offering support from the first contact to the after-sales service, in addition to the service agility and competitive budgets that make all the difference.
In line with the creativity and originality of the projects, Só Balões has an extensive portfolio and various cases of success among its clients: the corporation has a team able to perform any sort of project in , difficult or unusual that appears, with all the greatest realism and fidelity to the original project. From the pre-molded and offered designs, to the totally customizable ones created entirely by the client with the team, Só Balões values the concept of creative publicity, both to attract attention to the brand and to create a different and positive experience with the customers of brand disclosed.